Twelve middle school youths take a race sailing course where they study the fastest animal on earth, copepods. In the process they connect with the natural marine world and become advocates for its well-being.

Documentary, 19 minutes
Director: Carlos Graña
Producer: Barbara McVeigh
Featuring: Dr Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer

A project of Sailing Education Adventures with support from the Romberg Tiburon Center and the Derek M. Baylis Ocean Research Vessel.

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“Ocean conservation must begin with our youth. This film touches on the way we consume plastics, among other topics, and helps make us all think what we can each do everyday to protect our environment.”
Congressman Jared Huffman, 2nd District, California   Gerald Huffman Video

Racing with Copepods launches us on a voyage of learning, discovery and wonder. It is a fabulous way to connect both young people and adults to the ocean and our environment.”
– Supervisor Kathrin Sears, Southern Marin – 3rd District, County of Marin

“So when the film’s creator Barbara McVeigh sent us a private screener for the full, 20-something minute movie, we were intrigued, and then we watched it, and we were blown away.  Racing With Copepods is an instant classic, and a film you’ll rush to show any kid you know and love.”
Sailing Anarchy Publication

“Wow! What a nice balance of voices. Kimball’s words and Sylvia’s wisdom lay the groundwork for the kids to jump off of and inspire us for the future.”
– Dawn Riley, Top Sailor and past President of the Women’s Sports Foundation

“I was so grateful to share this incredible film with my faculty and students at Ramona Elementary in Los Angeles. Carlos’s presentation was phenomenal! He artfully engaged the students and piqued their curiosity. After 17 years of teaching, it is rare and so rewarding to see children so fully captivated by a presentation. Teachers and even my principal were truly impressed. This film is a gem. The message of the film deeply connects to my heart because of my passion for educational reform and love of the ocean. You all have done a fantastic job crafting a beautiful narrative that will plant seeds in young hearts.  Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and heart.”
– Norma Olsen, Teacher, Ramona Elementary, Los Angeles

“…the shackles binding conventional thinking come off…the kids explain the links between the Copepods – tiny speedy jumping swimmers – and themselves. They share the water. And the water, therefore, deserves our care.”
– Nick Hayes, author of Saving Sailing and advocate for family and community sailing

“I loved the trailer! Here in Chile people are talking about sailing on Lake Laguna Verde, but people who live here are upset by the pollution. All this water goes directly into the ocean. We want to see the film – in Spanish, including the mayor of Valparaiso!”
– Jim Lash, Chilean Project Designer, Marina Anillo de Fuego.

“I really enjoyed the documentary. It compels me to think about my three children and their place in this “blue world.” Not just the sailing world.”
– Bill Goggins, CEO of Harken USA

“Sweet short film shows kids grappling w/ science & wonder as they contemplate this miraculous & physics-defying swimmer.”
– Erik Hoffner, Writer and Photographer for Guardian, Grist and others. Outreach Coordinator for Orion Magazine

Racing with Copepods is a natural and nautical adventure of self-discovery and scientific exploration that illuminates the fundamental link between people and planet. The students and scholars featured in the film portray an inter-generational, inter-connected perspective on environmental education that uses concepts such as sense-of-self and sense-of-place to evoke key lessons in responsibility and sustainability. The film powerfully and urgently reminds us that that we’re all on a race and need to tack before it’s too late.”
– Adam Charles Bad Wound, www.badwound.com, @adambadwound